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Welcome to Kyrus Europe

Kyrus Europe is committed to working with its partners to provide cost effective and technically excellent products for automation projects, either from our own development programme's or working with professional companies from around the world.

Our partners in each country are selected based on their ability to support local market.

Component Positioning Systems

Many applications need to reposition the robot for access or greater working range, for this we offer various solutions from floor tracks to rotation booms and multi axis gantry systems.

Robot Positioning Systems

Many applications require either the components to be accurately positioned or the process requires efficient part loading into the robot cell.

Kyrus have a wide range of solutions.

Fixture Welding Guns

From high level sophisticated production requirements to simple welding machines.

We offer a range of fixture guns.

Talos Guarding System

Talos Safety Systems design and manufacture a comprehensive range of modular components, creating standard and bespoke premier guarding systems, all designed in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations.