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Centre Mount Robot Systems - CMT Series

The Kyrus Centre Mount has been designed for flexible integration and to accommodate the use of the robots maximum reach.

Mounting robots in the centre of the turntable gives the advantage of optimizing the robot working envelope due to sharing the same swing diameter as the turntable, allowing the integration of smaller robots to cover a greater area more effectively and efficiently.

Having the robot in the centre of the positioned makes the part programming easier simply because there is clear access to the fixtures. This solution reduces the overall cell foot print simply because the welding area is no longer taken up by the robots.

This solution provides additional benefits to the operator allowing the welding process to be viewed while welding. (Any viewing points would be through arc protective screens).


  • Modular component design.

  • Fully adjustable face plate centres from 1600 mm up to 3000 mm standard

    (4500 mm on request).

  • Tool swing diameters to 2000 mm (2600 mm on request).

  • Payloads from 250-2000 kg per side.

  • Robot mount plate adaptors for all robot brands.

  • Main drive features our unique switching drive with precision cam locking.

  • Sumitomo Gearboxes on tooling drive.

  • Direct drive or slewing ring drive options with high torque capabilities.

  • Protected cable services with easy access.




To allow you to build up you system designs please send request for step file of Centre Mount Robot Systems - CMT series.

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