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Heavy Duty Multi Station Turntable - THD Series

The Kyrus Heavy Duty Multi Station Turntable utilizes our universal drive module, we offer a range of servo turntables for more demanding applications or were position flexibility is required.

Turntables can be manufactured with different table height as required by the integrator or with special options for ultra low versions.

These turntables use cross roller slewing rings, which ensure very rigid structural design for the most demanding of applications.


  • Selection of gearbox units/reductions for up to 60,000 Nm output.

  • Static loading up to 20,000 kg.

  • Swing diameters to 5 metres.

  • Easy access to greasing points.

  • Gearbox mounts to suit all robot servo motors.

  • Low table height (550 mm) with options for heights up to 1000 mm.The minimum height depends on servo motor drive size.

  • Lower table heights possible with angle drive.

  • Tables have forklift pockets and lifting eyes for easy transportation.




To allow you to build up you system designs please send request for step file of Heavy Duty Multi Station Turntable -(THD series).

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