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Kyrus Component Positioning Systems

The Kyrus range of positioners have been designed to be integrated with all robot types and manufactures and can be interfaced with any servo motor manufacturer.

With high volume production at the forefront of the design criteria, each version is made to withstand the demands of multiple shift production.

The rudimentary element of any positioner is the gearbox and as such we have incorporated the use of the leading gearbox manufacturer Sumitomo Gearbox's for precision motion control.

These gear heads are renowned for their world class quality and are also used by the major robot manufactures.

This allows us to offer high output torque positioners with superior repeatability.

For precision welding, Positioners need to be of a rigid construction, and as such all of our Positioners are designed utilizing FE analysis.

To ensure the best and correct matching of motor to gearbox, Kyrus offers a free motor matching service.

Universal Drives. (UD Series)

A range of modules that allow for flexible design of positioning systems.

These modules are designed to be compact for the payloads with capacities from 250 Kg up to 5,000 Kg and output torques up to 8,000 Nm.

180° Indexing Turntable Systems. (T Series)

With payloads from ranging from 250 Kg up to 5000 Kg.

These tables have a unique table locking systems to maintain a repeatability at the swing diameter of better than 0.05 mm.

“We also manufacture a unique semi automatic turntable”

Heavy Duty Multi Position Turntables. (THD Series)

These tables are designed to be used with loads up to
20,000 Kg, and output torques up to 60,000 Nm using the correct drive package.

Many options are available including cam locking for zero backlash, shot pin locations , fixture mounting frames and guarding packages.

Head & Tail Stock Positioners. (HT Series)

Ranging from 100 kg to 20,000 kg and with face plate centres up to 20 metres.

Direct drive and slewing ring drive options are available.

Tilt & Turn. (TT  & TTHD  Series)

Tilt and turn Positioners offer extra degrees of freedom, required for complex components.

Two types are available in single sided designs, the compact direct drive versions for loads up to 500 Kg and the heavy duty TTHD series up to 10,000 Kg.

Servo Turntables. (TS Series)

Conventional turntables with capacities from 250 Kg up to 2000 kg, face plates centres up to 3 metres and swing diameters up to 1.6 metres.

Centre Mount Positioners. (CMT Series)

This positioner is one of the most flexible designs available and uses a smaller cell foot print to other solutions.

Its modular design allows for total flexibility.

With payloads from 250 Kg to 1000 Kg per side , face plate centres up to 4.5 metres and swing diameters up to 2.4 metres most products can be accommodated.

Ferris Wheel Positioners. (F Series)

Ideal for long thin components or when face plate distances greater than 3 metres are required.

With all the axis driven it allows more flexible tooling design as full synchronous motion can be achieved.

Ferris wheel systems come with optional robot stands
that clamp back to positioner for greater stability.

5 Axis Positioners. (TX Series)

For greater flexibility each station has two axis drives.
Face plate centres are adjustable for sizes up to 3200 mm and with payloads up to 1000 Kg.

3 & 4 Station Turntable. (TSMS Series)

TSMS range of Positioners designed for high volume or multi process manufacturing.

The systems are available in 3 or 4 station variants and with the Kyrus flexible design approach face plate centres , swing diameter and payloads are all variables that are selectable by the customer.