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Tilt and Turn - TT  & TTHD  Series

The Kyrus Tilt and Turn offers extra degrees of freedom, which is required for complex components with limited accessibility, allowing the positioner to move closer to the robot end effector.

We can supply two types in single sided designs, the compact direct drive versions for payloads to 500 kg and the heavy duty range up to 10,000 kg.

Where applications exceed the standard and larger or/and heavier parts are to be manipulated here Kyrus offers cradle designs that can handle pay load capacity to 20,000 kg.

The TTHD range are designed and constructed to accommodate a counter balance system that is customer adjustable to help balance the loads, this is also available for swing diameters to 4 metres.

To further complement this positioned, the large Positioners. The Linear Rack Systems or the Rotating Column Booms can be used to extend the robot reach and accessibility.


  • Modular component design.

  • Tool diameters to 4 metres.

  • Modular design allows for flexible construction to suit customers requirement.

  • Available with supporting tail stock as a cradle(drop centre)design.

  • Mounts to suit all robot servo motors.

  • Easy access to greasing points.(Slewing ring versions).

  • Adjustable counter balance system to balance loads (Heavy duty versions).

  • Optional shot pin locking design.

  • Optional Zero backlash design.

  • Optional Earth return modules for MIG welding.

  • Optional servo pack control available for Non robot control.

  • Optional air and electrical connection packages.




To allow you to build up you system designs please send request for step file of Tilt and Turn Positioners - TT series.

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