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180° Indexing Turntable Systems - T Series

The Kyrus 180° Indexing Turntable Systems is designed for repetitive two positional stroke.

The design uses a heavy duty slewing ring with our unique locking system that provides very accurate and rigid positioning system.

Tooling plates are accurately positioned using location pins for quick and reliable change over.

The design allows for easy maintenance all cam locks are assessable without having to remove the tooling.

These tables are available in 5 standard sizes with payloads from 100 kg to 1000 kg per side.


  • Payloads from 100 kg up to 1000 kg per side.

  • Swing diameter to 3600 mm.

  • Large hole in centre for services.

  • Designed for reaction loads (i.e. spot welding).

  • Repeatability better than 0.05 mm.

  • Tooling plate locations for accurate tool changes.

  • Programmable speed for load matching.

  • Table position switches.

  • Central lubrication.

  • Can be switched from powered to manual operation in the event of a motor failure.




To allow you to build up you system designs please send request for step file of 180° indexing turntable systems (T series).

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