Up, Down, Left, Right

Cartesian Gantry Systems

High Speed, High Precision

EZi Motion is Kyrus’s range of Cartesian Gantry Systems and are available as stand alone products or part of large systems including Kyrus’ range of Talos guarding.

Designed and manufactured using unique aluminium extrusion, EZi Motion robotic gantry systems can be configured to suit a variety if applications; everything from pick and place to plasma cutting. 

With payloads from 15kg – 250kg, and models available with single or multi-axes, EZi Motion gantries come with various drive options and a list of optional extras.

Driven to Precision

Alongside ballscrew and rack & pinion, belt driven options are available, for increased speed and noise reduction.

Slide On

Axes are easily clamped together while quality HIWIN linear bearings are used for a low friction precision drive.

Make it Strong

Due to the unique design of the aluminium extrusions, beams can be stacked  increasing load capacity.

Flexible Configurations

EZi Motion Cartesian Gantry Systems are entirely flexible in design and can be manufactured to suit a variety of applications. 

If you’re interested in a robotic gantry system, but unsure on the configuration best suited to your application, contact us today and our engineers can talk through your specifications with you. 

Twin Y Beam

Twin Axis

Cantilever Z Axis

Moving Y Axis