Get it Gripped

Robotic End-of-arm Tooling

Fixed to the 6th axis of a robot, End-of-arm tooling (EOAT) act as a wrist and additional axis enabling further interaction with your automated handling processes.

Kyrus has produced a series of modular servo robotic end effectors, known as ANT Grippers.

Currently 2 models are available, the Tri-Grip and the Max Grip, with further options and sizes available on request. Manufacture

A twin jaw gripper designed with servo motor suited to large handling applications

The finished gripper on it’s way to debut at a UK exhibition (video above)

Designed using the latest CAD software.

The completed gripper commissioned at the customer’s site. 

The tri-grip model used for precision picking of smaller parts…

… installed as part of a three-axis cartesian gantry

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