HiGlyde Linear Track Range

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The HiGlyde range of linear tracks is designed and manufactured by Kyrus. 

Using unique aluminium extrusions and easily extended to any length, the HiGlyde linear track range comes in three models, the Mini, Midi or Max, providing you with everything needed for a smooth automated process, whatever your application. 

To suit customer requirements, tracks can be customized with a comprehensive list of additions, such as robot risers and additional slave carriages available as options. Get in contact for more.

Safe & Manageable

Walk-on aluminium  chequer plate covers protect linear guides, while central  cable management reduces track size. 

Precision Gearboxes

All tracks use gearboxes from world leading supplier, Nidec, ensuring a high level of quality.

Transmission Options

Low mounted precision linear guide rail  for superior stability with hardened helical rack, belt driven and ball screw options.

HiGlyde Max

The largest of the three available models, the HiGlyde Max is designed for large applications with payloads upwards of 1,000kg.

Constructed using a twin beam design, the larger of our two, designed for purpose extrusions is the foundation for the HiGlyde Max.

A HiGlyde Max Track with reinforced side structure for payloads between 3,000 – 4,000kgs.

Twin HiGlyde Max Tracksused within the automative industry.

A standard HiGlyde Max track prior to delivery to the USA.

HiGlyde Midi

For smaller applications and for payloads ranging between 250-750kg, the HiGlyde Midi is the most versatile of the three linear track models.

The design is based on a twin beam construction, but utilizes the smaller of the two, designed for purpose aluminium extrusions.

HiGlyde Mini

The smallest of the HiGlyde range, the HiGlyde Mini is ideal for small applications such as material handling where payloads don’t succeed 100kg.

Belt driven and constructed using a single beam, the Mini relies on the use of a single extrusion, the same used to build the larger Max model.