High Speed

Wireless Safety Edge

Easily Integrated

Talos Roller Doors

High Speed with Wireless Safety

Part of the Kyrus range of Talos system enclosures, high speed roller doors are available as stand-alone products or as part of complete Talos system enclosures. 

With wireless safety edge protection, Talos roller doors offer superior reliability and safety while eliminating any unnecessary cable, providing quality protection to both the machine and user.

For widths ranging upwards of 1200-3500mm (available in 100mm increments) and heights starting from 2100-2700mm (available in 300mm increments), bespoke sizes can also be designed and manufactured on request. 

Key Features

Aluminium - Designed for Purpose

Using unique aluminium extrusions, roller doors fit seamlessly into Talos guarding and provide a quality finish.

No More Wires

Eliminating all moving cables, the wireless safety edge and transmitter gives the user additional protection, entering auto-reverse on activation.

Guided Curtain System

Seamlessly designed into the frame, the profiled edge of the curtain is retained within the extrusion preventing push through, while low friction guide blocks ensure smooth running.

Lower Safety Sensor

Lower Safety Sensor

Lower safety switch for connection to machine safety circuits, providing further safety elements.

Adjustable Stops

Channel Stops

Adjustable stops reside in the guide rail and can be moved to suit customer preferences. 

On-Board Diagnositcs

With an integrated drive unit control, the roller door is easily set-up while also enabling faults to be displayed.

Suit Yourself

Like all Kyrus products, Talos roller doors can be customized to suit specific requirements and styles.

For more information and to find out how to customize your roller door, get in contact with us.

Viewing Options

For general applications, a clear window can be fitted into the roller door, while green arc welding window options also available.

Mix & Match

Doors come in five standard colours depending on customer preference, with further options available on request. All doors are chemical resistant, suit high strength conveyor material