Looking Good, Protecting Better

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Giving protection to systems and other machinery, the Talos range of system enclosures & guarding offers a range of individual modules that can be assembled to forming a complete system of section of machinery protection

Designed around aluminium extrusions with ease of assembly at the core, the Talos range prides itself on protection as much as aesthetic.

Its modular design allows each system to be customized to specific requirements while also allowing for simple changes and additions to be made with very little disruption.

It's all in the aluminium

The foundation of Talos enclosure systems is the aluminium extrusions. Each one is designed entirely for purpose and provides a high-quality and eye catching finish.

Six unique extrusions form the foundation of all Talos guarding and are complimented by Kyrus designed clamps and hinges, forming an easy to assemble and attractive ‘flat-pack’ enclosure system.

Modular Design

Being of a modular design, Talos  can be designed around the customer. Selecting from a range of standard modules, systems can be designed and manufactured to suit any requirement.

From basic panel and door modules, to a variety of essential features like pendant holders, HMI mounts and unique access, you will be able to build the system you desire no matter how big or small. 

The design of Talos system enclosures & guarding also allows modules to be added and taken away with ease with ease due to our unique design.