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Kyrus Limited is the exclusive supplier of Pulsarlube automatic lubricators in the UK. 

Available as standalone items of as service packs

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Electrochemical Lubricators

Available in 2 models: The Pulsarlube E and the Pulsarlube V, Pulsarlube electrochemical solutions are compact and economical, while also featuring advanced LCDs and microprocessors to help easily set the dispense rate.

Electromechanical Lubricators

Available in a range of models, Pulsarlube electromechanical lubricators can be used for a diverse range of purposes. From being used in hazardous areas, to lubricators for unrivaled power and reliability, there’s a lubricator for your industrial needs. 

PLC Lubricators

The Pulsarlube PLC electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is  designed to be fully integrated into a PLC system. With two types of PLC lubricator, Month and Interval type, PLC lubricators calculate when they need to be used.