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Gantry Systems G Series.

The Kyrus Gantry System is available in various payloads, configurations and sizes in order to achieve the robot working envelop required by the customer.

The gantry systems are built to order using standard modular components to specific individual requirements.

Available in 1, 2 or 3 axes designs.


  • X axis technically to any size.

  • Y axis canter lever to 2 metres or bridge type to 20 metres.

  • Z axis Standards 1.2 metre and 2 metre.

  • Single or multi carriage options.

  • Telescopic or single beam Z axis versions with counter balance systems.

  • Single axis versions for robots up to 200 kg capacity.

  • Multi- axis for robots to 60 kg capacity.

  • Vertical or horizontal robot mount brackets for different robot mount positions.

  • Zone limit switches.

  • Cable carriers.

  • Rack and pinion drives.

  • Sumitomo gearboxes.

  • High load linear rails.