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Kyrus Robot Positioning Systems

The Kyrus range of positioner's are designed to work with all robot brands, and can interface with any servo motor manufacturer.

With high volume production at the forefront of the design criteria, each version is made to withstand the rigor's of multiple shift production.

The heart of any positioner is the gearbox and as such we use leading gearbox manufacturer Sumitomo Gearboxes for precision motion control.

These gear heads are renowned for world class quality and are used in many of the leading brands of robot.

This allows us to offer high output torque positioner's with superior repeatability, For precise, welding, positioner's need to be of rigid construction, and as such all of our positioner's are designed utilizing FE analysis.

To ensure correct matching of motor to gearbox, Kyrus offer a free motor matching service.

Hi Glyde Linear Tracks ( HG Series ) ™

Modular linear track systems in various payloads and accuracy grades for different applications including a cam lock option for zero positioning.

All guides are protected and the track is covered with tread plate to prevent tripping hazards.Linear tracks can be mounted to the floor, wall or inverted.

Boom Positioners ( CB Series ).

For large applications or when the robot needs to go into a large component.

This can be mounted on to a linear track module for long travel requirements.

Gantry System ( G Series ).

The Kyrus range of Positioners include robot gantries in various payloads, configurations and sizes for increasing the robot working range.