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Hi Glide Linear Tracks Range

The Kyrus Hi Glide Linear Tracks are designed using a robust extrusion for the main construction. The heavy duty linear guide systems offer a cost effective solution for creating linear axes for high loads in any industrial environment.

Our flexible approach allows for bespoke solutions to match customer unlimited requirements in speed, repeatability and load carrying capacity using and adopting standard designs and components.

The linear track systems are available in four drive configurations, covering a variety of applications in numerous market sectors. These systems covering capacity loads from 150 kg to 3000 kg all using standard modules, and to 20,000 kg on customer bespoke requirements to Kyrus designs.

All versions have options on single or twin beam designs and utilise Sumitomo Cyclo Gearboxes as standard providing improved performance, accuracy and reliability.

The linear tracks are available in a single piece up to 5 metres, coupled with our specially designed joiners, any length can be achieved on the rack and pinion version, and these are subject to drag chain limitations.

Design Features

  • Side or top mounted linear guide mounting.

  • High capacity linear guides (4,000 kg per carriage).

  • Low mounting height.

  • Floor mounted systems available with walk on construction to prevent tripping hazards.


  • Machine tending.

  • Injection moulding machines.

  • Robot tracks with multi carriage options

  • Multi axis machines

  • Gantry systems.

  • Transfer systems

  • Vertical lifts.

  • Column and boom welding machines.

  • Test machines.

  • Flat bed cutting machines.




To allow you to build up you system designs please send request for step file of Hi Glide Linear Tracks (HG series).

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